Shamindra’s July 2019 Roundup

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A quick roundup of any interesting July 2019 activities

Shamindra Shrotriya


This is a new feature I’m going to experiment with, namely documenting anything interesting I come across (articles, lectures, books, papers etc.) and any activities I get up to. This is more for my personal benefit but may also help others. Let’s see how this experiment goes!

Interesting Articles

Interesting Books



Interesting Papers

Personal Blogging

Besides this post 😄 the main things I got up to on the personal blogging front were:

Concluding Thoughts

Overall July 2019 was a somewhat productive summer month. Though things are never quite as productive as I like them to be in graduate school, but always got to keep trying.

I liked documenting this personal July 2019 roundup. Normally I’m not the type to share much about my personal life, but I thought documenting what I get up to gives me more stake in the respective activities and forces me to commit to them enthusiastically. I also like sharing cool stuff that I come across with friends, so dual benefit.

I think I’ll keep these monthly roundups going for a while. Let’s see how this experiment goes when semester starts 😄.

Please post in the comments any questions/feedback you may have or anything interesting resources you came across in July 2019 👍.

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