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Shamindra Shrotriya


July 10, 2019

Welcome - Let’s Get Statistical!

Hi there! I’m Shamindra Shrotriya, a graduate student in the Department of Statistics and Data Science at the wonderful Carnegie Mellon University. I’ve decided to start blogging to document my learning and development in statistics as a graduate student.

I’d like it to be a fun place to document interesting things I like to read about in the statistics and machine learning space (statistical theory/methodology, research, rstats, python …) as well as anything else I am generally into e.g. books, sports etc.

Feel free to pull up a chair, leave a comment, and join me so that we can explore together.

My CV can be found here.


The credit to starting this blog goes to the following people. I hope to not disappoint and create some useful content here 🖖.

  • Yihui Xie, JJ Allaire and Rich Iannone - for co-developing the fantastic distill package which upon which this blog/ site is based
  • Rachel Thomas for posting this fantastic blog post encouraging people like me to (finally!) create a blog
  • My parents for encouraging to communicate my passion for statistics. I secretly think that this is their way of minimizing my passionate rants about the bootstrap in our regular Skype chats (the rants will still continue though…).


I’d like to thank Salil Shrotriya for taking my profile pic which is the preview image for this post.



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