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Detailing interesting things in the life of a PhD statistics student at CMU


July 10, 2019

Welcome - Let’s Get Statistical!

Hi there! I’m Shamindra Shrotriya, a graduate student in the Department of Statistics and Data Science at the wonderful Carnegie Mellon University. I’ve decided to start blogging to document my learning and development in statistics as a graduate student.

I’d like it to be a fun place to document interesting things I like to read about in the statistics and machine learning space (statistical theory/methodology, research, rstats, python …) as well as anything else I am generally into e.g. books, sports etc.

Feel free to pull up a chair, leave a comment, and join me so that we can explore together.

You can also learn more about me from my CV, résumé, and open-source software contributions.


The credit to starting this blog goes to the following people. I hope to not disappoint and create some useful content here 🖖.

  • The Rstudio team - for co-developing the fantastic quarto package upon which this site is based.
  • Rachel Thomas for posting this fantastic blog post encouraging people like me to (finally!) create a blog
  • My parents for encouraging to communicate my passion for statistics. I secretly think that this is their way of minimizing my passionate rants about the bootstrap in our regular Skype chats (the rants will still continue though…😄).


I’d like to thank Salil Shrotriya for taking my profile pic which is the preview image for this post.



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